January 2020 Secret Locations


January 11

The High Line in Chelsea.

Send a message to @secrettelephone on instagram if you want more specific information, or if you want the secret telephone to come to you.


2020 Website Updates


Happy New Year!

We’re pleased to announce some fresh updates to the Secret Telephone website. The goal of these improvements was to make the site easier to navigate and to resolve some outstanding bugs with the Secret API that powers the Secret Telephone.

  • New URL – You can now find the Secret Telephone website by just going to
  • New front page – The new front page now features some photos from the Secret Telephone so that you know what to look for out in the wild.
  • New menu labels – We simplified the navigation to try to make it more intuitive.
  • New tags on Secrets – Secrets are now being classified and tagged as they are published so that you can click around and find Secrets based on themes and keywords.
  • New Secret editorial flow – Secrets are no longer published in real time to the site. They are first held for quality review and transcript cleanup before they are (manually) published to the site. This will slightly decrease the frequency with which we publish, but the overall quality of what is published will be better.
  • Secret bug fixed (!) – There has been a bug in the Secret whisperer API that breaks after 5-10 plays on the Secret Telephone. We now believe this has been resolved! Fingers crossed!

Stay tuned for more news and updates coming this year for all things Secret Telephone! Thanks for following our work!

— The Secret Telephone Crew