About Secret Telephone


Secret Telephone is a physical telephone that travels to different public spaces. (Sometimes we share a secret phone number for a limited time that anyone can use.)

The Secret Phone exists so you can get something off your chest, connect to the surrounding community, and unburden yourself of that unnecessary baggage you’re ready to set free.

By sharing secrets, we shine light on our hidden dreams, painful or embarrassing memories that, if left unspoken, would limit our full potential. The Secret Telephone exists so that you can unblock yourself and teach others through your experience.

Secrets shared through the Secret Phone are added to a collection that you can listen to here. Each call is archived for analysis in order to learn more about secrecy and the human experience.

We welcome everyone to share and listen to secrets because everyone has secrets.

What is yours?

Thank You, Sponsors <3

The Secret Telephone team would like to thank Netgear for its donation of a really sweet router.