I’m sharing a secret but I’m not going remain anonymous This is Layla DeMille the male author Nelson DeMiller niece. I received artwork done on my back in a tattoo form at the age of 18, 27 years ago and there are initials dotted into my back there’s a J and an E with an F, which the E and the F are 2 in one. A rose with a dagger and a snake. I tried to have the tattoo touched up, it can’t even be touched up because of how it was made. Somebody said that was possibly James Franco’s artwork from when he was a pre-teen and somehow it ended up on my back at 18. If anybody hears this please look at my Instagram Leila Y DeMille and if you happen to know James Franco can you have him look at it because if it’s his I don’t know how it got there he would have been so young when he made it but this tattoo is making me crazy and I’m about to cover it and it was my favorite piece of artwork but this has absolutely made me insane. Thank you.

October 20, 2019